See Florida Manatees in Summer - Summer Manatee Viewing in the Wakulla River

Summer Manatee
Viewing - Wakulla River  

Paddle a canoe in one of Florida's clearest rivers






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Summertime Manatee Viewing

After spending the winter in clear spring runs, many manatees spend the rest of the year dispersed throughout the rest of the state in rather murky water.

One exception is the Wakulla River just south of Tallahassee. This river is actually the spring run of a huge underwater fountain, Wakulla Springs, a protected state park.

Manatees are often in the crystal clear river or near the mouth, where it pours into the Gulf of Mexico. Simply follow U.S. 98, which parallels the Gulf, until it crosses the river.

A canoe rental outfit is located where the bridge crosses the Wakulla. This is an exceptionally pretty canoe trip, with lots of sunning turtles and even a few alligators almost guaranteed, even if the manatees aren't present.

This is one of the prettiest rivers in all Florida.

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