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Florida Wildlife Photography

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Florida Everglades


Go Where The Animals Are

To be a successful wildlife photographer in Florida, go where the animals are. Even professional nature photographers rely on state parks, national parks and national wildlife refuges for the bulk of their shooting.

It makes sense.  That's where the animals are--and they're accustomed to people. So it's easier to capture good photos when you're considered part of the normal landscape and not some intruder.

Many animals, waterfowl in particular, allow people to approach closely as long as they stay inside their vehicle.

As soon as someone opens the door and steps outside, waterfowl in particular often seems to "drift" away; actually, they're swimming away.

Shoot from inside your vehicle, the window down and the motor off, in such situations. It's the same technique used on African photo safaris, since many wild species don't seem to associate vehicles with people.

Stay Invisible

But once a person steps outside a vehicle and is fully revealed-even if he moves slowly and doesn't perform any threatening motions--the game becomes spooked and moves away.

Those who feel they must leave their vehicle, anyway, should remove their keys to kill the buzzer and leave the door open. Some creatures react to the sound of a door slamming as if it were a gunshot.

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