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Birding in The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a birder's paradise year-round, but the late spring and early summer months are especially good for viewing nesting birds of many different species.

They include the mangrove cuckoo, magnificent frigate bird, Antillean nighthawk, reddish egret and many more.

The National Audubon Research Department offers the most detailed guide available, Birding in the Florida Keys. Audubon requests a modest $2 donation to cover postage and handling. Write National Audubon Research Department, 115 Indian Mound Trail, Tavernier, FL 33070; 305/852-5092.

Or, you can pick up a copy of the same brochure in person at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center in Tavernier (on the right, going south). This is also an excellent spot to see the uncommon great white heron found only in South Florida and the Caribbean basin.

Although most birds at the sanctuary are injured and recovering in cages, great white herons, pelicans, great white egrets and shorebirds roam freely beside the boardwalk and along the shoreline.

They are great subjects for photographs.

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