Flamingo Everglades Things To Do

Flamingo Things To Do

Plenty to do besides fish





Florida Everglades

Flamingo Things To Do

Located about 38 miles from the main park entrance, Flamingo is a beehive of activity during the cooler months. It has everything someone visiting the Everglades wants: visitor center to find out where animals were recently seen, camping, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, rental canoes and even houseboats for exploring the deep Everglades in style.

The famous boat tours at Flamingo are the best way to see the Everglades by water without a boat of your own. Ranger tours are a popular wintertime activity.

In season, from mid-December to mid-April, there also are ranger-led tours and a small cafe. Flamingo is an excellent place to spend several days for exploring this area of the Everglades.

But you'll need to camp--or commute from a Florida City motel--since there still are no overnight accommodations since the 103-room Flamingo Lodge with 12 nearby cabins were ruined by storms in 2005 and torn down in 2009. Lack of specifics for any kind of replacement has hindered federal government funding.

Here is are some of the main things to do in the Flamingo area.

Flamingo Boat Tours to Florida Bay or the backcountry year-round.

Flamingo Visitor Center knows where animals were recently sighted.

Flamingo Seasonal Restaurant is the only place to eat in Everglades National Park.

Flamingo Hikes offer the chance for mostly short walks not far from the campground or visitor center.

Flamingo Marina is the main base of water activity.

Flamingo Boat Rentals include canoes, kayaks, fishing skiffs and houseboats

Flamingo Campground facing Florida Bay.

Flamingo History & Background explains the important history of this was once a small settlement.

This is a lot to do and see here, far more than can be done in a single day. It would take at least 2 to 3 days to do it all, if not several days more. What Flamingo really needs is a place for visitors to stay overnight indoors. Like the long lamented Flamingo Lodge.

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