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Where To See Nesting Turtles in Florida

The best places for a Florida sea turtle walk (turtle watch) is on the Atlantic east coast. The following locations are listed from north to south.

NOTE: No matter what you have heard or believe about the behavior of sea turtles, many turtle walk centers say the phase of the moon and whether it's high or low tide do not impact nesting activity on a particular night.

Despite my many turtle walks in both Florida and the Caribbean, I don't have my own theory. It seems to be mostly a matter of luck. (See Nesting Sea Turtle Photos)

Where To Join A Turtle Walk

Canaveral National Seashore Reservations for June begin May 15. This is the longest undeveloped stretch of beach on Florida's east coast.

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge Florida's best loggerhead nesting beach--perhaps the best loggerhead nesting beach in the world.

Sea Turtle Conservancy Takes the turtle walk reservations for Archie Carr and operates the Barrier Island Center within the refuge. Pioneering organization in protecting sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Preservation Society This private group holds turtle walks in Melbourne and Satellite Beach.

Sebastian Inlet State Park It's out of the way so consider spending the night at the campground.

Florida Power & Light Held on Hutchinson Island near the St. Lucie nuclear power plant. Canceled in 2021 due to Covid.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Located in North Palm Beach.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center at Juno Beach. Their website allows you to keep track of giant leatherback turtles. Reserve a turtle walk online.

Hobe Sound Nature Center Walks are conducted on the Hobe Sound public beach. Has the earliest reservations of all: April 1.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Located in Boca Raton, the center offers turtle walks and the opportunity to watch hatchlings released.

Because all sea turtles species are classified as endangered or threatened species, people taking part in an organized turtle walk in Florida are subject to various federal and state laws. And there are a certain things you're not allowed to do: such as using your own flashlight or taking flash photographs. Learn more.

Sea Turtles: Their Life Cycle

According to fossil records, sea turtles are among the oldest species. They have special characteristics that have allowed them to survive for millions of years.

Sea turtle mating and migration patterns are well studied. Hatchlings, a favorite food for birds and other marine animals, face a dangerous future.

But humans have made sea turtles an endangered species.

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